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Brandon Wendell began his career in the market as a trader. He earned the designation as Chartered Market Technician and went on to operate a hedge fund. He developed successful new techniques, methods of analysis, and ways to trade the market. He became a distinguished and successful trader.

After widespread success in the market, Brandon Wendell began to share his knowledge and experience with people who wanted to learn how to do it for themselves. Because of his conversant, easy-to-understand manner, he has become one of the most popular instructors in the country. He has coached thousands of aspiring students over the years.

Brandon Wendell offers a rare combination of an instructor who has actual experience in the field. His knowledge didn’t come solely out of the pages of a textbook. He’s actually been in the trenches and understands how things work – on a first-hand basis. This makes him a trustworthy source of instruction for students who want to make money in the market.

Because of his unique skills and background, students flock to Brandon Wendell when they …


  • Want to trade the market … even if they have a small trading account
  • Want to trade the market … even if they have families and jobs and don’t have unlimited hours
  • Want to trade the market … even if they have little or no knowledge about how the market works.


Brandon Wendell joined the team at Wealth Builders HQ in 2019 and has seen students flock to his classes. Men and women from all walks of life who are serious about using the market to make money for countless reasons … from paying bills, saving more money, helping their favorite charities or simply living a better life.

Brandon has implemented two new popular programs since joining the Wealth Builders team. They are:


Wealth With Spreads

What would it mean for you to trade with less stress AND have the ability make more profits?
That’s a perfect storm for any trader and that’s why Brandon Wendell has created this program. With this new subscription – which stresses instruction and practical application – you will learn how to trade safer, smarter and increase your rate of return.

It’s all possible when you learn to trade spreads.


Perhaps you’ve never traded spreads. Maybe you didn’t try them because you thought they were too complicated. Maybe you didn’t learn about them because they seemed risky. Maybe you didn’t try them because no one sat down and explained them to you.

In his new Wealth With Spreads class, Brandon Wendell will teach you …

• How you can trade futures and put less cash at risk upfront
• How you can understand a few basic principles and tilt the odds in your favor
• How to get more bang for your buck by increasing your rate of return

With Wealth With Spreads, you’ll learn how to use non-directional trading strategies in the futures market. With non-directional trading, you aren’t betting about whether the market will go up or down. 

Brandon Wendell

You are actually trading the price difference between the two positions. You actually have a chance to make money if the market goes up, down or sideways – regardless of your position.
Traders have effectively used spreads for year. They are a conservative method you can learn and put to use if you’d like to reel in some consistent profits. And you can learn to use these principles in the futures market, which gives you the opportunity to trade almost 24 hours a day!

Emini Think Tank

The Emini Think Tank meets in a LIVE classroom three times each week, giving students a chance to interact with trader-instructor Brandon Wendell for a total of six hours. That’s an amazing amount of time to spend with a Chartered Market Technician! Imagine spending that much time with an expert in your favorite field? Think that could improve your skills? Absolutely!

Brandon Wendell

Brandon Wendell has extensive experience in buying and trading futures. This oft-unexplored area of the market has become popular for many reasons:

  • The futures market is open almost 24 hours each day, giving the trader flexibility
  • Less money is required to open and operate in the futures market
  • The rate of return has a chance to be much higher, giving students the opportunity to make more money

Why attend the Emini Think Tank?

You can learn the fundaments of futures trading, which is perfect for anyone who has never traded futures in the past.

You can learn about how the process works … from starting the position to exiting the position. (It’s up to you to determine how to spend your profits!)

You will discover the variety of futures trades that are available. Some of them are basic and geared toward beginners, while others require more experience and can be embraced by veteran traders. In other words, the program works for students of all skill levels.

Plus … students will have access to a number of valuable tracking sheets, as well as proprietary futures calculators.

Because people have various schedules, the Emini Think Tank classes are recorded and are available at students on a 24/7 basis. Students may watch whenever they want and as many times as they like.

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